The Writings of Dan Joseph

Dan Joseph is the author of the books Inner Healing and The Spiritual Path, as well as many articles on spirituality, personal growth, and psychology. In addition to his writing work, he is a psychotherapist and human resources consultant.

Dan's writing is featured on spirituality site, which is linked at each of the items below.

Inner Healing focuses on a three-step process that can help to access a sense of inner peace and wisdom.

The Spiritual Path features ten essays with accompanying questions and answers, along with a "spiritual toolboox" of practices.

We can gradually change our thought patterns through small steps. Big leaps aren't necessary.

A three-part approach of honesty, openness, and willingness can help to release inner blocks.

The mind creates stories all through the day. We can catch and release these in order to let the "wise mind" emerge.

The inner critic is like a tyrant on a throne. But we can approach this part of the mind and choose a new ruler.

Even while we see familiar sights and sounds, we can use spiritual vision to perceive a second world around us.

Self-forgiveness and self-acceptance can be aided by identifying and changing specific thoughts.