Reviews of Inner Healing and Inspired by Miracles

by Dan Joseph

Inner Healing

"Inner Healing is a soothing, insightful, and inspirational book that has what it takes to make you feel better, and what could be more valuable than that. This book is a treasure."

— Caroline Myss, Ph.D., author of Sacred Contracts
and Anatomy of the Spirit

"Inner Healing is comforting and uplifting to my soul. Dan Joseph's process is powerful in its simplicity and thoroughly effective. I honor Dan for his honesty and humility in sharing his path home to Spirit."

— Alan Cohen, author of A Deep Breath of Life and
The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore

"A very comfortable and welcoming book. These remarkably clear principles of mental discipline and healing can be immediately applied by anyone."

— Hugh and Gayle Prather, authors of Love and Courage
and The Little Book of Letting Go

"Dan Joseph invites you to say it, let it go, and let it in. What am I talking about? In this beautifully simple book, Joseph gives us three steps to quickly transform our lives from focusing on the negative to focusing on the positive by acknowledging the truth. Based on one of the core concepts in A Course in Miracles, Joseph teaches us how to illuminate our dark thoughts and feelings by truthfully stating them, releasing them to the Divine and, finally, allowing the Divine to comfort us and shine a new light on the situation. There is no condemnation for your thoughts and feelings, there is no ideation that this is an easy process. But it is a simple process and one that can, literally, take only seconds to do once you learn how to do it. I found that when emotions began to well up for me, just stating to myself what I was really feeling was almost simultaneous with the second step of release because I felt so much better for just acknowledging my true feelings without trying to suppress them or sugar coat them. I would very highly recommend this book for personal use and for use by those doing any kind of counseling work with recovery from addictions, loss through death or divorce, or victims of abuse."

— Innerchange Magazine

"With his new book, Dan Joseph...guides us through a three-step process that helps us build a lifelong habit of watching what we are thinking and feeling and, if it is not from a place of peace, handing our thoughts over to God, where they can be replaced by true perception... In his beautiful and practical book we learn to practice being mindful of how we are feeling and what we are thinking. We need to realize that the cause of our feelings is not out there, but in our own minds. He then describes how to move on to the next step of handing these thoughts over to God... A must-read book for all who are interested in mind healing."

— Pathways of Light

"Inner Healing: A Spiritual Process by Dan Joseph is a spiritual guide to promoting wellness within oneself... Exercises and step-by-step instructions concerning how to release one's negative feelings to God [are included] in this insightful and well-meaning guide. Also very highly recommended is Dan Joseph's previous work, Inspired by Miracles."

— The Midwest Book Review

"The core principles of A Course in Miracles have never been codified in a clearer, more accessible way. Right away, Dan Joseph states his three-step process of inner healing... The rest of the book takes us deeper into each step, through observations, anecdotes, and well-conceived exercises. It never gets complicated or too chewy; Joseph's exquisite insights waft off the page as easily as dried flower petals. Though he identifies a possible fourth step — 'overflow,' or 'the process of allowing God's love to extend through us to other people,' he folds this into Step 3 for simplicity's sake, and it fits perfectly... This honest little the most practical, powerful spiritual offering that this reviewer has stumbled on in well over a decade."

— Fearless Reviews

Inspired by Miracles

"A gentle, encouraging, and reader friendly self-help book about opening oneself to the wondrous mysteries of life and learning to see so-called ordinary things in a new light...Inspired By Miracles is uplifting, rewarding, strongly recommended for spirituality enhancement, self-improvement oriented, and strongly recommended for personal improvement reading lists and reference collections."

— The Midwest Book Review

"In this quiet effort that is all the more successful for its modesty, Dan Joseph does an excellent job of getting close to the heart of a teaching that can have truly miraculous effects. First clarifying that the Course definition of miracles has little to do with unusual physical events and everything to do with 'inner experiences that bring peace to our minds and kindness to our hearts,' Joseph then sets forth twelve simple exercises that help readers manifest those kinds of miracles in the midst of everyday life. In general, these exercises all suggest the discipline of learning to recognize and confront one's worst habits of fear-driven thought and isolating emotions - and then asking inwardly for help to release those patterns and let a better way of living and relating take their place. The Course itself is so thick and abstruse that it can take people years to understand that this simple yet profound discipline is its main thrust. Joseph handles it so clearly and concisely that people with no Course background whatsoever will probably find this handbook eminently useful. He has the knack of making an extraordinary approach to authentic transformation sound ordinary. This salutary style echoes the Course itself when it suggests that 'Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.'"

— Fearless Reviews